A Tribute To Anne With An “E”

One of my fondest memories from my youth is reading Anne of Green Gables and watching the PBS movie version with my childhood best friend Meika over and over and over again. In April, Lucy Maud Montgomery’s book celebrates its 100th Anniversary and women who have read the book over the last century will not soon forget the little red-headed orphan who found a home at Green Gables with Matthew and Marilla. I loved Anne as a kid because she had the biggest imagination — remember when she and her best friend Diana pretended to act out the death scene of the Lady of Chalot and Anne almost drowned when her boat capsized? Or remember when Anne got Diana drunk on raspberry cordial and they were forbidden from being best friends/kindred spirits by Diana’s mother? Or how about when Gilbert (oooh, I never forgave you for this Gilbert, even if Anne did!) called Anne “Carrots” and she totally wailed on him? That was awesome. She was so feisty and dramatic and hilarious. Another of The Frisky’s favorite authors, Margaret Atwood, reveals her thoughts about Anne Shirley for the U.K. Guadian. Read it here and then tell us your favorite part of the book in the comments!