Romance On TV: Questioning The Bach’s Motives is claiming that Bachelor Matt isn’t really doing the show to find true love. Now, I’m not exactly gullible about the true motives of reality TV show contestants, but this particular Bach really was winning me over — probably because of the accent (and because he’s the lone Bachelor in history to keep a woman of color around longer than the first friggin’ round). Anyway, TMZ claims that Matt recently met one of their reporters at a bar and that he told her he wants to move to the U.S. and that his lawyer told him the easiest way would be to marry an American. So is Matt only on The Bachelor to meet an American, marry her, and get his green card? Hello, Gerard Depardieu. Anyway, if this was his plan, I think he should have kept Stacey and her panties around a lil’ longer. She probably doesn’t even know you need a green card to move to the U.S. as a non-citizen. [TMZ]