Yet Another Reason Why We Shop At Target

Target is awesome, and not just because they have cheap, cute clothes designed by normally-out-of-our-price-range big names like Jovovich-Hawk and Luella Bartley. They also rule because they don’t screw over their employees in the most evil way possible. Wal-Mart, which, frankly, has some of the worst clothing you could possible buy at a megastore, won a suit against a former employee for $470,000. For what, you may ask? The awful truth, after the jump.Well, eight years ago, Debbie Shank was struck by a semi-trailer, leaving her brain damaged and near death. Her Wal-Mart insurance initially paid for all of her medical procedures — as one would expect health insurance to do — but then she won a $417,000 settlement (after legal fees) against the truck company for the accident. Debbie’s family placed the money in a trust to cover her future medical expenses, but Wal-Mart claimed that there was a clause in their insurance plan that called for reimbursement if the covered employee collected damages. Walmart won the case and the Shanks’ appeal was tossed out by a judge. Debbie requires 24-hour care, her husband works two jobs to cover their living expenses, and doesn’t know how he will be able to make ends meet now that they’ve lost their settlement money. The day they found out they lost the case, their son died in Iraq. Oh, um, and Walmart makes $470,000 every 38 seconds. Honestly, we’re feeling kind of stabby right now. []