Tampa Teachers Get Punished

In the past two weeks alone, three female teachers in Tampa, FL, have been arrested for having sex with their students — sadly proving even women can be totally perverted pedophiles. The first bust was a 28-year-old middle school math teacher, Stephanie Regusa, who added a 14-year-old boy, divided his legs, then got herself subtracted from society when police arrested her after they monitored her phone calls to him. Then, the authorities caught 45-year-old Mary Jo Spack, a high school honors English teacher who bought booze to lure a bunch of students to a private motel room where she was overheard raping a boy in the shower. Finally, a third substitute teacher and married mother of two, Lisa Marinelli, was arrested for having sex with a high schooler. While Marinelli bears a coincidental resemblance to crazy cougar Paula Abdul, weirder still, Tampa was also the city where Debra Lafave (pictured), the beautiful blond teacher that was caught having a relationship with her student, made headlines in 2004. So the score so far is pedophilic female teachers 4, Tampa 0. If you have a son, stay the hell away from the Sunshine State! [KNBC]