Elizabeth & Jessica Wakefield Go On A Diet

I basically lived for reading Sweet Valley High when I was in elementary school — as I previously wrote, SVH #3 Playing With Fire was the first time I read the word “breast” in print in a somewhat sexual way. I remember vividly thinking that SVH was the way high school would be like, in a wonderful dream world, and in order to be a part of that dream, I would need to be “a perfect size six” just like Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield. Make that a “perfect size four.” The books are getting a major makeover — when Random House re-releases the series, they are giving the books new covers (featuring soap star Levin Rambin as the twins) AND updating some of the content so they’re not so ’80s. Oh and they’re trimming a size off Liz and Jess, because everyone knows that four is the new six and six is fat. That was sarcasm, by the way. [Feministing]