Hey, What’s It Like Saving Yourself For Marriage?

New Jersey native Sarah Reilly, 25, gives The Frisky the dirt on why she’s waiting for wedding bells before she does the dirty. It’ll truly be a Snow White Wedding…

So when and why did you decide to save yourself for marriage?
Well, my dad is a pastor and when I was a child my parents explained to us, my brother and sisters and me, why sex is beautiful and why it’s important to wait for that someone special. And on my 13th birthday I promised my parents and God that I would wait and my parents gave me a promise ring. Have you ever thought about caving?
We are all human. I told the guy I’m seeing now that I really wanted to wait until I was married and in my moments of weakness he should be strong and support me and say we are going to wait. I mean I’ve waited 25 years already.

Has he saved himself too? Do you know many guys who have?
No he has not saved himself. There are definitely a lot fewer men who have. I think having sex is just kind of pressured on them by the world. Deep down I want my husband to have waited for me like I did for him, but it wouldn’t be a deal breaker.

Do you have a lot of friends who are waiting?
Yes. Two of my best friends did and they are married and so happy they waited, so that helps keep me strong. And I have other friends who haven’t and after they actually found the one they wanted to be with, they wished they hadn’t shared that with the two or five or however many others. And I have a couple of friends who have gotten STDs or pregnant out of wedlock. I think waiting takes the fear out of dating.

Do you think having premarital sex is a sin?
I do think that the Bible is clear about waiting to have sex because in the Song of Solomon it says to not arouse or awaken love until time so desired, but I can’t put judgment on anything anyone else does.

What would you say if a gay person came up to you and said, “I can’t save myself for marriage because I can’t get married”?
That thought has never crossed my mind until right now. I don’t know what I would say.

Have you thought about what your wedding will be like?
Oh yes, I’ve though a lot about it. Obviously I want to get married in a church. I think my bridesmaids will wear yellow, not bright, but a nice pale yellow and roses will be my flowers. And I don’t really care where we go for our honeymoon. I figure by that point we’ll be inside most of the time.