Crave: Wheel Of High-Heeled Fortune

Not having enough room for my shoes (or my clothes or my cosmetics or my anything) in the small apartment I share with the feef* is a major source of stress in my life, because in addition to being a shopaholic, I am also moderately OCD. Thankfully, Rakku Designs has come to my rescue. They’ve invented the handy-dandy Shoe Wheel, which can store up to 30 pairs of shoes (including high heels!) in small, attractive, and user-friendly packaging. It’s a little pricey at $65, especially when you consider that I will now have the closet space to buy even more kicks. [The Budget Fashionista]

*”Feef” is what I’m now calling my fiance, since I hate that word. I called him my “beef” when we were just BF/GF because that’s the way I thought “BF” would be pronounced as a word. So now he’s my “feef”. Feel free to use it.