He Says/She Says: Leona Lewis’s “Bleeding Love”

Today, my friend Jon and I got a little girly and watched/listened to Leona Lewis’s “Bleeding Love.” A little-known fact about “Bleeding Love” is that it was written by Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic and Jesse McCarthney of BOP magazine. The song is currently the number one song at the iTunes Store, and it was the top single of 2007 in the U.K. There are two videos for the song, a U.K. video, and a U.S. one. We accidentally watched the U.K. version, but it is much more dramatic than the one meant for us, which features Leona riding around Times Square in a taxi. I guess they thought the domestic violence might not be as big of a hit here?

Catherine: Are you in the mood for a little Leona Lewis in the afternoon?
Jon: I think so.
C: You think so? You know so! J: Nice to see that they’re giving my old Casio keyboard some work.
C: Which beat is this? Didn’t they have names?
J: They did. I remember we had a little pop-in cassette with Madonna’s “Holiday.”
C: Leona sounds a little early ’90s Whitney Houston.
J: Whoa. I’m smelling some domestic abuse themes? Why is she all angry and crying if she’s in love with me?
C: You cut her open, that’s why.
J: So, unless I’m wrong, she’s saying that her guy can do whatever he wants and she’ll stick around? Healthy.
C: Seriously. How are people okay with this message?
J: This is where girl-power and co-dependence come together in an explosion of over-emotive singing.
C: Also, why is Leona dressed so fancy?
J: Because when you dress good, you feel good.
C: And why is that other girl taking a bath while wearing clothes. Taking baths with clothes on is so over now that Britney’s done it.
J: I wonder if that guy with the flowers at the end is all, “Why the hell were you in the bath with your clothes on? I tried to text you that I was stuck in traffic, and you take a bath with your clothes on?”
C: Ha. That stupid bastard thinks that flowers will make it better.
J: But it will because she’s not going anywhere.
C: They don’t even look like good flowers. They look cheap.
J: That’s because they only had enough budget to rent one Motel 6 room. Nothing left over for FTD.