The Name Game

While celebrities are naming their kids after foods and boroughs of New York City, just to make them unique, they should think twice according to a new academic survey. “Traditional names with royal associations are viewed as highly successful and intelligent, and so parents hoping for successful offspring might want to avoid more unusual names,” said Professor Wiseman, who conducted the social experiment in the U.K. According to his findings, names make a strong statement and both men and women succumb to their subtext. It may be judgmental, but so are first impressions. I once wouldn’t go out with a guy because his name was Ralph. I’m just sayin’, if your mama didn’t love you enough to name you right, then what hope is there for us?! Not that a Simcha can talk, but if you want to see how your first name ranks in luck, looks, and livelihood according to the study, click here. [Daily Mail U.K.]