Hey Baby, That’s A Mighty Fine Four Letter Word…

Catherine and I are obsessed with playing Scrabulous on Facebook. It’s the web application that mimics the fun of Scrabble, only without the opportunity for your opponent to peek (or Hasbro’s approval). In addition to playing your friends on FB, you can also play total strangers on Scrabulous.com, and according to Nerve, your chances of getting hit on while looking for a use for that “Q” are pretty high. Here’s how it goes down — when you’re playing on the company’s website, you can opt to play at an Open Table — players who’ve started their own tables can describe the kind of competitor they’re looking for. “For example,” writes Will Doig, “You’re looking for a high-level player (Scrabulous rates players with its own ranking system) who wants to play in real-time (as opposed to over the course of several days) and who is a twenty-something, buxom brunette with filthy syntax.” Um, really? In all the many hours I’ve spent playing Scrabulous online (Shut up! You can’t watch TV and do the New York crossword all the time!), I’ve never had anyone ask me what I was wearing. Neither has Catherine. What’s a girl gotta do to get a lil’ dirty word play? [Nerve.com]

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