The Daily Squeeze: Praying Mantis, Spanking, And Pamela Anderson’s New Show

  • Female praying mantises benefit substantially from consuming their male partners — females put on weight and produced more eggs using the energy from their cannibalistic after-mating meal, according to a new study. However, not every sexual encounter ended in the male’s death. About 60 percent of the time, the male praying mantis does not get eaten. [Sydney Morning Herald]
  • Analysis of several studies on spanking found that spanking can lead to problems such as delinquent and anti-social behavior in childhood, as well as aggression, criminal and anti-social behavior and spousal or child abuse as an adult. [Springfield News-Leader]
  • Pamela Anderson just signed a seven-figure deal for a reality show on E! that will debut in December. Maybe she and Tommy Lee will be remarried by then. [Hollyscoop]