The Daily Hotness: Eugene Cussons From Escape To Chimp Eden

I’m a complete animal nerd and I cry during episodes of The Dog Whisperer. But now that show, and host Cesar Millan, seem like such pansies next to my latest crush, and animal-saving superhero, Eugene Cussons from Escape To Chimp Eden. Eugene is the host of this amazing show, in which he rescues abused chimpanzees from their evil owners and brings them to the Jane Goodall Institute’s Chimpanzee Eden where they are rehabilitated in hopes of letting them back into the wild. Eugene is South African, so he has a mega-sexy accent, and he’s also brave, because in case you didn’t know, chimps, while very sweet at times, are also way stronger than humans, and Eugene straight up deals with them one-on-one. He’s also amazingly good-hearted and isn’t afraid to cry in public, like when he sees a chimp in a deplorable living environment. Honestly, I have cried buckets over this show, but mostly because it makes me happy that there’s people like Eugene out there doing hot, kick ass work like this. [Animal Planet: Escape To Chimp Eden]