Catching Up With The Hills

Our favorite craptastic TV show is back tonight and we’re so excited. However, just in case you haven’t been keeping as close of tabs as we have on Lauren, Heidi, Spencer, Brody, Audrina, and Whitney, here are some things you’ve might have missed:

  • According to The New York Times’ Ginia Bellafonte, Heidi Montag is a “feminist hero” this season, because she maneuvers “her way to a bigger position at the event-planning company where she orchestrates Nascar parties, and refusing to acquiesce to the demands of her fiancé, Spencer, that she get herself home on time.” Mmm, kay. Clearly Miss Bellafonte just caught her first episode of the show. [NY Times]
  • Lauren, Whitney, and Heidi all have clothing lines. Lauren showed her collection at LA Fashion Week. We think it’s expensive Forever 21. Whitney we expect better from. Heidi’s…well, would you take fashion lessons from a woman wearing this?
  • Lauren and Audrina moved out of their fake apartment and into a real life house that Lauren bought with her Hills money. Audrina lives in the guest house (who says that chick isn’t smart?), while LC and Lo live in the main house. They got a dog named Chloe. So cute. [Us Weekly]
  • Speaking of Lo! She’s a regular cast member now! Hooray! Her motto? “Eat your Pink Berry and enjoy life!” [Us Weekly]