Brave Female Cops Got Your Back

Female police officers working for the transit authority in Boston are going undercover to catch crooks red-handed… while the perps are grabbing them. These brave ladies in blue are allowing themselves to get sexually harassed at work to help nab gropers and rapists on public transportation. Go get ‘em girls! Over the past two years, 87 incidents of indecent assault and battery were reported, but the MBTA feels that women are afraid to come forward and complain about these types of attacks. So, they’re going after the bastards! Plus, the MBTA police are also joining forces with the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center to start an ad campaign to let victims know how, where, and what their options are for speaking up and taking a stand. While the subway “T” is part of many Bostonian’s daily grind, it shouldn’t come with unwanted bumps. Thank you for protecting our assets, we will now happily pay the fare hike. [The Boston Channel]