Which Is Worse: Sleeping With A Snorer Or Someone Wearing This Machine?

Snoring can strain relationships. For some reason, people resent others who keep wake them up throughout the night by emitting sounds that echo those of a dying elephant. One option for silencing a snorer is a device that looks like a gas mask and is worn by the snorer when he or she goes to bed (image at left). Even when worn with lingerie, this device is not attractive. In fact, it has harmed at least one couple’s sex life. “Things were great in the bedroom. Then there was this thing strapped to his head,” said Babbett Peterson, whose husband wears the mask to bed. “It’s a huge emotional loss. I am a cuddler. I felt like I couldn’t touch him.” It does, however, prevent people who have sleep apnea from dying. [MSNBC]

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