The Daily Squeeze: Prenatal Vitamins, Prehistoric Sex, And Mating Expectations

  • In a study of 89 men, those who consumed the most folate (found in leafy green vegetables) had the fewest sperm with aneuploidy, an abnormality that may account for miscarriages and a variety of disorders. More research needs to be done, but it sounds like wannabe dads might want to take prenatal vitamins, or at least Centrum. []
  • Researchers just identified a 570 million-year-old sea creature as the first animal to reproduce sexually on Earth (until they discover something older). The paleontologist who found the animal named it Funisia dorothea after her mother who is named Dorothy. [Times, U.K.]
  • Women who consider themselves attractive have high expectations for their long-term partners, and those who think they’re less desirable have lower expectations. “When reviewing the qualities they desire in romantic partners, women gauge what they can get based on what they got,” said David Buss, the study’s lead author. []