StyleHiving: Tips For Rocking A First Date

“First date” – two simple words that can send shivers up anyone’s spine, much like the words “job interview.” When you think about it, there isn’t much of a difference between the two, except one involves cocktails and palpable sexual tension. I have no idea where that old adage “You are what you eat” came from, because the truth is, “You are what you wear.” Clothes speak volumes and no matter what, they will always prompt judgments from others. Chances are, the person you’re into isn’t going to notice how perfectly your bangles play into the boho-chic vibe you were going for, or how you expertly coordinated your makeup shades to play up the metallic sheen outlining your top. Guys don’t notice the details, but they do see the overall big picture. Here are some general tips to follow before any date, after the jump…

  • Dress In What You Like, Not What You Think He’ll Like: If you’re iffy about what you’re wearing, and spend the whole date wondering if he thinks you look good, that uncertainty will come across, and I know you want to be seen as a self-assured, strong minded woman, not an eager-to please pushover.
  • Be Confident!: Yes, this is way easier said than done. Even the most confident of women have their off days where nothing seems to work and that overwhelming feeling of ickiness can’t be squashed. When this happens, you got to work a little harder — look yourself in the mirror and say, “I am so hot, I could rock a paper sack covered in puke and be the most stunning one in the room.” You don’t have to go quite this far, but you get the idea.
  • Play It Safe: Every girl has her go-to item that always makes her feel smokin’. If you’re feeling anxious before a big date, reach for your lucky item. (Mine is a basic black cami — it’s such a simple item, but I always feel so good about myself when I wear it.) This feel-good piece will make you think back to other successful nights out you’ve had and will instantly give you an added dose of mojo.
  • Wear Your Clothes, Don’t Let Them Wear You: Make sure nothing is too tight, too loose, too sheer, and so on. If you spend the entire date worrying about an unfortunate wedgie, you’ll seem nervous and uptight, plus, yanking and pulling at yourself isn’t exactly the most seductive of gestures.
  • Emphasize!: Every gal has her shining feature — maybe it’s your striking brown eyes, you’re ruby red lips, red hair, perfectly tan cheeks, whatever. Enhance your favorite feature!
  • Be Yourself: That’s in both how you act and what you wear. Make sure whatever you wear reflects who you are — don’t try and be the girl you think he wants to be with. Don’t base what you wear on what you think his type is. He’s going out with you isn’t he? You are his type and that’s all you need to know!
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