Male Birth Control: The Future Is Open Wide

When it comes to contraception, women have a lot of options. Between the pills, the implants, the sponges, the diaphragms, the injections, etc., our ovaries are all over the place. While we seem to be filled with a never-ending amount of options and responsibility, men get off (literally) by relying on us. Let’s face it, the surgical vasectomy doesn’t sound so fun and if we ladies had a nickel for every complaint about a condom we heard, we’d all be rich. So while the battle of the baby-less baby-making rages on, at The Future of Male Contraception Convention in Seattle this week, there appeared to be some hope that the playing field will be leveled. More info, after the jump…
Researchers presented three options of birth control for boys:

  • The Shot: Scientists from the University of Washington presented their study of a testosterone gel used in a progestin shot that they found made men shoot 90% blanks for 90 days.
  • The Intra-Vas: While they’re not sure they can undo this kind of damage, ideally the implant plugs up the vas deferens — aka the sperm shoot.
  • The Pill: Finally men will know what it’s like to get depressed even though your boobs are bigger. Just kidding, boys…uh, this pill, under development at Columbia University, involves regulating a man’s level of vitamin A. They’re still working out the kinks, but fingers crossed this will have men poppin’ and lockin’ their stuff better than a boy band. [Skypedia]