Good Dates Make Bad Boyfriends

Don’t you just love it when a guy can adapt to any situation, charming everyone and everything, including the pants off you? Well, sadly, it turns out your hot date may turn out to be too hot to handle. A new study of 97 young singles, recently published in the journal Communications Report, found that people who are adaptable socially have a harder time having healthy relationships. A predisposition to self-monitoring may help them attract friends and lovers, but at home they’re bound to adjust themselves in the same way so their partners never get an accurate sense of how they really feel. “High self-monitors are very likeable and successful people. However, it appears they’re just not deep,” said one of the researchers, Michael Roloff, a professor of Communications Studies at Northwestern University. Ouch! (This is also bad news for my fellow chameleon Gemini’s.) On the other hand, this is good news for socially awkward people who constantly find themselves cursing their need to just say what’s on their mind, no matter the uncool cost. Since they constantly put themselves on the line and lack concern with their public image, the low self-monitors truly appreciate their honest, intimate relationships and are more satisfied overall. Guess there’s finally a scientific explanation for why we love geeky, awkward guys like Juno’s Paulie Bleeker! [MSNBC]