The Daily Squeeze: Abortions, Age Differences, And Sex While Depressed

  • In England and Wales, about 1,300 women had at least their fifth abortion last year out of the approximately 200,000 abortions that took place. This high figure could influence Parliament when they vote on abortion issues in the coming weeks. [Daily Mail, U.K.]
  • After analyzing data from the 17th to 19th centuries of people in Northern Finland, researchers found that males who were 15 years older than their partners had the most children, making it the optimal age difference. This probably has no bearing on things today since we no longer need to pop out babies non-stop to ensure that the human race continues. [ABC News]
  • An Australian study found that women who suffer from mild to moderate depression have a third more sex than those who do not. “It was more sex and more of everything from kissing to petting, foreplay and intercourse,” said Dr. Sabura Allen, a clinical psychologist involved in the research. [Sydney Morning Herald]