South Park Blows Britney’s Mind, Literally

I’m a South Park fan and normally find the show laugh-out-loud, pee-my-pants funny. But last night’s episode was totally depressing and, for once, despite the utter ridiculousness of the plot, kind of freakishly accurate. In the episode, Britney Spears comes to South Park, trying to escape the paparazzi that have been hounding her — she blows her head off when she realizes that she’ll never be left alone, but miraculously lives, only minus about 90% of her cranium. Stan and Kyle try and keep the paparazzi away from her, but pretty soon the entire town of South Park jumps in the fray because killing Britney is a necessary human sacrifice in order for there to be a bountiful corn harvest. Seriously. Just think about the depth of that. Then go get a little teary in the bathroom, like I did. [Comedy Central: South Park]