The Daily Squeeze: Cheating, Red-Legged Frogs, And Married Life In Japan

  • People who are in love are less likely to cheat, according to a study at UCLA. “Feeling love for your romantic partner appears to make everybody else less attractive,” psychologist Gian Gonzaga said. Sad but obvious news, especially because it means that if someone cheats on you, you were not only cheated on but you’re also not loved. [AFP]
  • The Sharp Park Golf Course has not been allowed to drain a puddle for two years because it is a breeding ground for the threatened red-legged frog and the endangered San Francisco garter snake. This year, however, the frogs’ breeding was so successful that biologists say the golf course can finally to pump away the water. [SF Gate]
  • One in four married couples in Japan haven’t had sex in the last year. [AFP]