The Top Five Hottest Governors

With all of this Eliot Spitzer business going on, we started wondering, “If we were a high-priced prostitute, which governor would we want to do?” because, let’s face it, Eliot leaves something to be desired. So here are the five best-looking governors this country has to offer.

Deval Patrick
State: Massachusetts
Party: Democratic
Age: 51
Status: Married to Diane Patrick since 1984, two kids

Martin O’Malley
State: Maryland
Party: Democratic
Age: 45
Status: Married to Catherine Curran O’Malley since 1990, four kids

Rick Perry
State: Texas
Party: Republican
Age: 58
Status: Married to Amelia Perry since 1982, two kids [WTF, is that me? — Editor]

Sarah Palin
State: Alaska
Party: Republican
Status: Married to Todd Palin since 1988, four kids and pregnant with her fifth!

Arnold Schwarzenegger
State: California
Party: Republican
Age: 60
Status: Married to Maria Shriver since 1986, four kids