Gay Blood Is As Good As Any, Darnit!

Happy Hump Day! We here at The Frisky would like to salute the hump and its oh-so-important role in our lives. However, who you like to hump shouldn’t dictate whose lives you can save. Unfortunately, the FDA doesn’t agree. We were totally shocked when our gay boyfriend told us he couldn’t participate in a blood drive because of his sexual orientation! The FDA’s outdated blood donation policies exclude gay men or any man who has ever even fooled around with another guy since the late 70’s — so even a meaty ménage à trois could make you too gay for the FDA. Also by proxy, any woman who has hooked up with a bisexual or gay guy — umm, hi! — is also ineligible for blood donation for a year. While the FDA blames its strict rules on the AIDS crisis, the largest growing number of cases of HIV is actually amongst African American and Latina women., a website devoted to discussing this very issue, reaffirms that the desire to change the blood donation policy isn’t about being politically correct at the expense of safety. It’s about “asking the government to implement a policy that takes account of scientific realities and ceases to discriminate unnecessarily.” Especially with a chronic nationwide blood shortage problem, we kinda need these millions of men and women to become eligible to donate. Despite the support of the Red Cross, at the last vote in May 2007, the policy remained the same. Those who feel like we should have the right to hump and heal each other freely can sign this petition. And also tell us what you think in the comments!