Dear Abby Diddles In Disturbing Territory

We take Dear Abby’s advice with a grain of salt, but this doozie takes the cake. “Enraged In Rochester” writes that during a visit to his family’s home, he and his wife slept in separate bedrooms. “The next day, while we were driving home, Marybeth told me she was glad I had come to her room after all and made love to her.” But! “Abby, it wasn’t me! She had mistaken one of my brothers for me in the darkness. We are all about the same size and build.” Furthermore, none of his brothers has ‘fessed up to the crime and Enraged hasn’t told his wife that he wasn’t her midnight caller.

Abby’s advise? “While you and your brothers may have a strong family resemblance, I find it hard to believe that you all smell, taste and make love like clones,” she writes. “So please do not accept as gospel that your wife didn’t have an inkling that it wasn’t you.” She goes on to say that if they work hard, the couple could work through this difficult time with the help of a therapist. Um, yeah, Abby, kind of weird to suggest that his wife was cheating on him (rather than bamboozled into having sex with her brother-in-law) — why would she say anything to her husband in the first place if that was the case? The only people acting guilty are the dude’s creepy brothers. Seriously, Abby, time to retire — blaming the victim is so old school. [Yahoo! News via Feministing]