6 Easy Ways To Get Your Sexy Back Post-Breakup

Breakin’ up is hard to do, and like any other natural disaster, the aftermath is awful. You just don’t know what to do with your wreckage, but you gotta get back in business. And while “Ploomy’s 30 Tips To Help You Get Your Swagger Back” is a great post-breakup to-do list for men (they go for new clothes and a haircut too!), we’ve decided to create our own Frisky version for the ladies. While it may take the boys 30 steps, we’re going to try to bring our sexy back in 6 moves.

STEP 1: Devour a pint of ice cream [Mac ‘N’ Cheese is my depression food. — Editor], stay in your PJs, and listen to the Frisky Breakup Mix. Take a day to recharge, er, OK, cry in private.

STEP 2: Buy yourself something pretty. Something you can wear, like perfume or a piece of jewelry he would never have the good taste to pick out.

STEP 3: Create a Man File. Clip magazines or print jpegs of your favorite famous pieces of meat (perhaps from our list daily hotness?). This is your go-to drool fest for when you’re feeling lonely.

Think about all the possibilities — from potential career moves to vacations. When you’re flying solo, the sky is the limit.

STEP 5: Get yourself some sexy panties. You know, the ones that seem to say, “Grab these off my butt, please.”

STEP 6: Keep your social calendar slammed. Especially when you’re down, you need to get out! DJ yourself a little dance party while you’re getting dressed to get yourself back into the groove. And do NOT, under any circumstances, bring the party down by mentioning your ex while you’re out. Save that private drama for your mama and just focus on having a good time!