Click & Tell: Friends Know Best?

Have you ever wondered what your friends really think of you? Let them pick out your dates, and you’ll know instantly.

I’ve been online dating for about three months. And just as frequenting a bar means you’re bound to run into guys you’ve already exchanged numbers or spit with, so does browsing through profiles over and over again (my preferred search method is looking at the “Online Now” section). In an effort to mix things up, and hopefully meet some new people, I had my boss Amelia and best friend Nathan sift through the profiles for me. The rules: They could browse as much as they wanted but could only “wink” at three people. I would wait and see who responded, and, hopefully, go out with whomever contacted me and seemed normal. Amelia had fun with her assignment, ogling all the swarthy guys. In fact, she had a hard time whittling down her choices. In the end, she picked three guys who were a little older than me: “Younger guys just want play,” she said. While not necessarily tall, they were all dark and handsome. Interestingly enough, her fiancé fits this description, as well.

Honestly, my boss must think I’m pretty fabulous because the guys she chose were ridiculously good looking. My first thought was that they were way out of my league. That is, if their pictures were at all representative of their actual appearance — it’s hard to say in this Photoshop-savvy world.

Nathan, on the other hand, said “This is work!” and struggled to locate a few good men. After spending hours clicking through profile after profile, he found for two he deemed suitable. Nathan’s personal style is fairly preppy, so it wasn’t too surprising that the guys he chose for me were clean-shaven and wearing collared shirts. And both on their way to becoming doctors. “Hey, you gotta live, right?” Nathan quipped. Right

The nice thing about friends is that they think really highly of you. They know how funny and smart and fashionable you are. They know that you can’t cook but admire your attempts at baking, which inevitably end with multiple burns and an inedible cake. The bad thing about friends is that they think you deserve more. More than you can actually get.

I wish I could say that one of the guys Amelia or Nathan picked is now my boyfriend, that we are riding off into the sunset and live happily after, but that’s not even close to what happened. None of the guys they winked at e-mailed me. None of them even winked at me. And while I didn’t even get a date out of this little experiment, I did find out that my friends think I’m pretty awesome.