The New Black Is Bloggess

In an age when actresses call themselves actors, “bloggess” has made the urban dictionary. Jennifer Lawson, who coined the term and authors a site under the same name, said in response, “‘Bloggessed’ is the new puce, I am totally overrated, this blog cures cancer.” Although she’s funny, the definition might not be as flattering as this season’s hot color: “A woman whose sense of reality is so warped that she can’t exist outside a blog. A typical bloggess will make-up words, invent illnesses and kill pets in order to post.” That was WAY harsh! We ladies of The Frisky may be warped, but we would never harm an animal. Well, at least Urban Dictionary is equally ‘meh’ in their definition of blogger. Looks like even a “hip” online dictionary can be jealous of where people go for information. [Truemors]