Free Cake!

That’s right: free cake! And you don’t need to go to Costco on the weekend to get a bite, you just have to go to The site is running a national designer cake contest and will give away the nominees — which are sure to taste as good as they look. The confections draw inspiration from designer Christian LaCroix and pop artist Wayne Theibaud to a chef’s grandma’s wallpaper. Although the website has finally found a better reason to marry than a green card, er, I mean love, the price tags may make you sicker than eating the whole thing solo — which is probably why they’re only giving the cakes away to brides. So, unfortunately, this sugar-lovin’ single gal can’t apply unless some sucker proposes soon. But, if you’ve already won someone’s heart, you can also win a cake by voting on your favorite entry. Dang, some girls have all the luck! []