Romance On TV: Should His Stuff Stay Or Should It Go?

On last night’s episode of Men In Trees (Don’t laugh. I had nothing else to do.) the characters Marin (the city girl who moved to Alaska) and Jack (the hot Alaskan outdoors-man) decide to move in together. But it’s not easy, especially when you have two houses to choose from! (I’m not bitter. I love my one-room apartment and just can’t imagine having two houses to choose from. And they’re keeping both of them! Talk about excess. I thought people in Alaska were supposed to be into saving the environment.) They pick hers, mostly because he used to live with someone else in his house. Then, they have to merge their belongings. He doesn’t like her curtains, and the other Alaskan guys are like, “Girls love scented candles and those things will asphyxiate you.” Meanwhile, Marin doesn’t want him to keep his toolbox inside the house. Eventually, they come up with a scheme in which one of them is the “captain” of every room. Marin picks the bedroom, Jack gets the living room, and then Marin gets the rest of the house.

Would this whole “captain” business work outside a TV show? Personally, I think it makes the place look a little disjointed. Instead, shouldn’t two people work together to create a new, hybrid style that is even better than they’re individual styles? Like, if he has a really great flat-screen TV and a genius coffee table, and I have this amazing rolling bar cart (I do), couldn’t all three look good in the living room?