French Museum Teaches Kids About Kissing

“Sex — What’s the big deal?” A French Museum of Science and Industry exhibit for children is asking that very question. The “cheeky, hands-on” experience is adapted from a book by Zep and Hélène Brulle and features a comic girl and boy as hosts. Kid visitors, unlike most adult sexual experiences, start off “Being in Love” in the “Gallery of Kisses” where they can flirt or hang out on a heart-shaped bed. Sadly, they must head to the “Puberty” section next, an adult-free zone decked out like a bathroom, where students get a first-hand look at what’s going to happen to their bodies. (We’re sure a few kids run out crying.) While the next stop is the dream-like “Making Love” which features a Condom stadium wave, kids are soon faced with the reality of “Making Babies”. And to kick start that awkward sex talk with your little ones, you don’t have to pack up the family for France — the exhibit plans go on tour next March and the book is coming our way even sooner! The sex-ed book for kids is being translated into English by the Piccadilly Press and will be called Willies: A User’s Guide. We might buy it for ourselves. [Clip Marks]