Beverly Hills 90210: The New Class?!

Ugh. Why haven’t TV producers learned not to eff with a good thing? Have we learned nothing from the crapfest that was Saved By The Bell: The New Class? Apparently not, because the CW network is developing a spin-off of the greatest teen high school drama ever, Beverly Hills 90210, possibly to include stars from the original series — because, you know, none of them are doing anything of note. I can already envision it now….

Little Madeline Sanders, Steve and Janet’s daughter, is attending West Beverly High School, where, embarrassingly enough, her father works as the school principal (Mrs. Teasly retired in 2006 and moved to the Caribbean). Hannah Zuckerman, Andrea’s daughter, is also a student at West Bev, following in her mom’s footsteps as the Editor of the school paper and volunteering at the Teen Hotline. (By the way, Andrea divorced Hannah’s fugs dad, Jesse, and married Brandon, and they have a son, who obviously has great hair.) Hannah and Madeline are mortal enemies, because Hannah is a mega nerd and Madeline is the school slut. Madeline is dating the school’s bad boy, Johnny Malone — Johnny is the son of Valerie Malone and Dylan McKay, though he doesn’t know that the West Bev legend is his papa. Valerie didn’t know for sure herself until she got a paternity test, but then she kept it a secret because Kelly, who is married to Dylan, threatened to have her killed if she split up their marriage — Kelly is still way annoying and insecure about the scars leftover from being burned in that fire during college. The thing is, Johnny totally has a secret love for Hannah, but her parents don’t approve at all . Besides, Hannah is too worried about getting into Yale to be concerned about boys. Oh, and by the way, Emily Valentine is the school’s guidance councilor — crazy huh? She finally got the mental help she needed and now she’s spreading the good karma to the wealthy kids living in the 90210 zip code.

Follow the new class of West Beverly Hills High School as they deal with rumors, backstabbing, sex, love, partying, and preparing to attend the prestigious California University, all while enjoying plenty of Nat’s mega burgers at The Peach Pit. We know we just cannot wait. [Reuters]