Your Own Personal Paparazzi

While celebrities claim they hate the attention of the paparazzi, we’re sure they love the pictures. Who wouldn’t want to be glamorized for going to the supermarket? Well, now you can get that au natural stalkerazzi shot from your very own photog! Izaz Rony is offering to take candid surveillance pics of you or your unsuspecting target in New York City. And this pap promises not to smear you. Rony will tail the subject like an undercover investigator and snap casual flashes that’ll let you take down that sad outstretched arm self-portrait you have up on MySpace and replace it with a high quality celebu-style shot. Sure, it sounds a little creepy to be watched and followed, but you’re guaranteed to look good. No harm in that! Just make sure you’re wearing panties. [Daily Candy]