The Daily Squeeze: Paula’s Bod, Banned Haircare Ads, And More Sleep

  • Paula Abdul might never have another decent single, but her body continues to be a hit, even among her younger fans (who probably have never heard “Forever Your Girl.”) “Most people say I look better than I ever have,” Paula said. “It feels good when I see young boys staring at me, saying, ‘I wish my mom looked that hot!'” []
  • Ads for British hair-care brand GHD IV have been banned after an advertising watchdog group found them offensive to Christians. The ads feature women dressed in lingerie praying or clasping rosary beads, along with the slogans, “GHD IV Thy Will Be Done” and “GHD. A New Religion For Hair.” [Reuters]
  • We’re not as sleep deprived as we were a few years ago, according to an analysis of data from the U.S. Census Bureau for the Department of Labor Statistics. Americans got an average of 8.5 hours per night in 2005, compared with eight hours in 2000. The biggest increase was on Saturday nights, most likely because we fall asleep halfway through SNL instead of watching the whole show. [Washington Post]