Men Deserve Expensive Underwear, Too

Shelling out the big bucks for lingerie isn’t that uncommon — this La Perla bra alone costs $238. But would you spend $250 on cashmere boxer briefs for your boyfriend? Last weekend, T, The New York Times Style Magazine featured this semi-sheer pair by designer Maurizio Amadei. They’re not really meant to be worn all the time, more like loungewear rather than everyday underwear. They look kind of cozy, and I think I could be enticed to buy a pair for a special occasion. Amelia says she would only buy them if they were on sale for $100. Well, I wasn’t able to find them at a discount online, in fact, I couldn’t find any cashmere men’s underwear. A gay friend advised that cashmere isn’t a popular fabric for underthings because it stretches out too much and wouldn’t flatter anyone, even David Beckham. “It would look like you’re wearing a diaper or borrowed your chubby bro’s skivvies,” he told us. A quick search did reveal a few pairs that are allegedly as soft as cashmere. See the packages after the jump. [WARNING: If you find a slight bulge offensive or NSFW, maybe you should wait to view until you’re in the privacy of your own home.]

These boxers ($22) look pretty normal and plain to us, but they’re environmentally friendly (made from 52 percent soy), and they’re extremely breathable, and they feel like cashmere. []

Also made from environmentally friendly soy bean fiber (sounds enticing, no?), these “trunks” ($24) are naturally anti-microbial and supposedly feel more luxurious than cashmere. Plus, the green-edged waistband “gives it a distinctive look.” We could do without that. []

Pima cotton is no cashmere, but at least these don’t look weird. Maybe that’s why they’re sold out. []

I kind of want to wear this bike suit ($48) around my apartment. I’m not sure what I’d say if I saw a guy wearing it, though it might be attractive on the right person. []

[T, The NY Times Style Magazine]