Maybe Cheese Would Be Better

Wine and chocolate are supposed to be an über-sexy combination that makes people swoon and want to take their clothes off. Or something. But in fact, most wine and chocolate doesn’t go together very well at all, according to Roy Williams, a professor emeritus in Old Dominion University’s chemistry department.

  • Most white wines don’t pair well with chocolate because the chocolate’s sweetness will make the wine taste even drier. An exception would be coupling a sweet white wine, such as an ice wine or a late harvest viognier, with milk chocolate.
  • Sparkling wines and Champagne aren’t great with chocolate, either. Such a killjoy.
  • Chocolate and a Banyuls wine (a high alcohol red from the southwest coast of France) are a supposedly a perfect paring, largely because there is so much alcohol in the wine that it cleanses the palate. []