Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Why Do Men Cheat?

Oh Eliot Spitzer, what were you thinking? The Governor from New York admitted yesterday that he had been linked to a prostitution ring and government officials are pushing for him to resign or risk impeachment. But what’s really got our goat is the fact that this is yet another case of a powerful guy with a solid family risking it all for a little fun playing doctor with a hooker. In an article in AM New York, a psychotherapist says that high-powered people with fast-paced jobs and responsibility like dangerous, illicit, illegal behavior because it gives them that rush that they can’t get from anywhere else, since they’ve developed such a high-threshold for mental and emotional stimulation. Okay, fine, get that, but why are they also so stupid? “All reasoning and respect for the law go out the window,” says Jonathan Alpert.

Nevertheless, all of this supports my theory, “All Men Cheat”. It’s not really that all men do cheat, but I seriously believe they all have the inclination to do so and that the majority (I’m talking a very scientific 92%) will cheat on someone at some point in their lives — mind you, I also think women cheat, though to a lesser degree, and mostly because I think humans aren’t naturally inclined to be monogamous. That said, if you choose to be monogamous, as a intellectually and emotionally developed member of the Animal Kingdom, you should know NOT to cheat. Anyway, I was all hot and bothered about this topic, so I decided to ask some of the dudes on my IM to defend themselves. After the jump, “Why do men cheat?”

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