Romance On TV: A Show We Refuse To Watch. Maybe.

So, we’re basically on the edge of seats waiting for the bazillionth season of The Bachelor to premiere next week (this time the hottie is a Brit!), but have no fear, there’s plenty more matchmaking poop floating in the crackpot colander know as reality TV! The CW network is set to premiere Farmer Wants A Wife on April 30, a show that will follow one straw-chewing okie as he tries to find love among 10 city-slickin’ women. Question: Is the farmer rich? Because no city gal is trading in her Manolos for manure if there isn’t a little cash in it. Not to be cynical or anything. The show, sadly, is after one of our other most favorite shows, America’s Next Top Model, so it is possible that we will be lured in if there’s nothing better to watch. [Hollywood Insider]