One Woman’s Plan: Ban Men On March 15th!

I got an interesting email last night from Diana Falzone, who hosts DeVore & Diana on Sirius Maxim Radio. In her email, Diana writes:

Enough is enough.…today I read about Elliot Spitzer cheating on his wife of twenty years with a hooker. What is wrong with men? I think I’ve finally figured it out. It’s women. Women find excuses to stay with their men while men try to find excuses to leave their wives and girlfriends.

…Every weekend one of my beautiful, independent, successful girlfriends tells me about the guy who cheated on her. We sit over brunch discussing every single detail of their relationship. We try to figure out what happened in his childhood and past relationships that made him want to stray from what seemed a promising romance. Then, we look at her behavior. Did she cause him to be a cheating a-hole? NO, NO, and NO. Yet, my friend walks away heart broken and defeated…. In order to keep women of the world from becoming bitter, cynical spinsters I ask that we as a gender stick together and have a weekend without men!

Tell your sister, best friend, cousin, neighbor, co-worker to give up men for a Saturday night. In fact, this Saturday March 15th. Take back your night. Dress up for yourself, go do something for you, don’t worry about him. Let him sit on his couch playing Halo with his buddies who suffer from Peter Pan Syndrome and wonder, “I wonder what (insert your name) is doing right now?” Let men see that women are not willing to deal with their crap anymore. Are you with me girls?

The thing is, I totally am with Diana on this one — in fact, if I wasn’t getting married, I would probably give up men for longer chunks of time than one weekend night. But I have plans to go out of town this weekend with my man — so can I get a raincheck?

As for the rest of you — what do you think of Diana’s plan to ban men this Saturday night? Is it silly? A worthwhile statement? Or just a distraction? Let us know, in the comments!