High School Confidential Is Going To, Like, Rule

I’m so excited about watching High School Confidential tonight, the new WE TV series that premiered last night (hence, it’s chillin’ in my Tivo lineup) that follows a group of high school girls as they tackle issues with sex, drugs, body image, etcetera. Like Lauren G., who’s battling a brain tumor; or Cate, the anorexic wrist cutter. So far the reviews have been mixed, with the New York Times saying, “Most of the episodes follow two subjects and end with their forced, pat self-appraisals.” The Washington Post snaps, “Somehow, even after following these girls from ninth through 12th grade, Confidential manages to make their stories boring.” Whatever. This show is going to be like a bunch of Lifetime movies wrapped into one (Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? meets She’s Too Young!), only with real girls. In the clip above, Kim discusses why intimacy shouldn’t include second or third base because “they’re pointless.” Oh, how young… [WE: High School Confidential]