Tall Women Have Higher Risk For Melanoma

Sure the 50-Foot Woman can kick anyone’s butt, but now a new study has shown she’s at a higher risk to have to fight off skin cancer too. According to an Australian scientist, Dr. Catherine Olsen, from the Queensland Institute of Medical Research, the tallest quarter of the 5,000 women she studied were 30% more likely to get melanoma than shorties. Dr. Olsen added, “We found this risk greater among women less than 50 years of age.” Is that just because tall women have more skin to show? Well, she and her colleagues from Italy, the USA, and Britain, are just not sure, but being naturally pasty or excessively tanning are still the strongest risk factors. So ladies, if you want to look trendy and orange like Paris Hilton, but not get the big C, you better stick to a spray tan….or you’ll end up looking like a California Raisin like Lindsay Lohan. [Fox News]