France Gets A New Figurehead

According to a recent national study of sex lives, one in five French dudes, from ages 18-24, “has no interest in sex” and the abstinence rate in men under 35 is double that of the ladies’. To counteract the shocking switch, French women have become more aggressive and have even doubled their number of partners since the 1970s. In France, females are screwing around with as much abandon as the males have traditionally been attributed and are getting even friskier after fifty. As the 600-page report proves, French women have risen to the challenge. Their icon: First Lady/model Carla Bruni. The Italian beauty, who wed President Nicholas Sarkozy last month, has boasted about her sexploits, from Mick Jagger to Eric Clapton, and was recently quoted bashing monogamy. Three cheers for: Liberté! Egalité! Vajayjé! [Telegraph]