Thrillist’s Top 5 Things That Don’t Suck

The Frisky has teamed up with Thrillist, the daily men’s lifestyle and city guide, to bring you a weekly list of things for the guys in your life. Here’s the inaugural “Thrillist’s Top 5 Things That Don’t Suck”.

Gear: The Affair
Aside from a single outlier (“Muslim Jesus”), these limited-to-200 tees and hoodies all reference dystopian novels. “MiniLuv” shouts out 1984, while “Babylon Rocker” and “Corto’s Crash” are homages to William Gibson’s Neuromancer, whose future-vision is awash with heavy drugs, street samurai, cyber cowboys, and presumably some stuff that’s actually dystopic. []

Services: Ticketwood
This comparison engine compiles sports, concert, and theater ticket prices from over 100 sites, including StubHub, GreatSeats, and RazorGator — hastening the shocking revelation that, no matter where you turn, Queensryche seats still cost more than $5. (The Silent Liquidity Tour?) []

Beer Tracker

Gadgets: Beer Tracker
This opener’s digital readout records and tallies each brew cracked; also doubles as a How Many Wounded Soldiers You’ve Left Littered Around the House You Wasteful Bastard counter. Get it at; price is in crazy Danish Kroners, but it’s a little less than 10 bucks. Trust us! []

Garment Guard

Gear: Garment Guard
Pop these self-adhesive discs on the inside pits of your shirt, and their 100%-cotton goodness will prevent stains by soaking up whatever your underarms can throw at ‘em. Available in beige or black, and in regular size or “Grands” — because “Sweating Vile Swine” wouldn’t fit on the box. []

Condiment Chart

Stomach-Saving Info: Periodic Table of Condiments
Save yourself from your own refrigerator with this essential resource, which lays out life spans of all your favorite food-toppers. Interesting figures: butter lasts for 1.5 months, margarine for 6; pickles also endure a half-year; you can leave your lox laying around for two weeks; and Cheez Whiz and Bacon Bits never, ever go bad. Ever. []

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