Romance On TV: Survivor’s Ozzy & Amanda Find Dirty Island Love

It’s happened before — Rob and Amber fell in love on Survivor: All Stars, got engaged on the live finale (Amber also won the $1 million prize), and got married in a biggie TV special. Could the same happen for Ozzy and Amanda on this season, Survivor: Fans Vs. Favorites? Amanda, a favorite who originally appeared last season in China, admitted to having a crush Ozzy (the runner-up from his season) before taping began and the two nature buffs quickly hit it off, cuddling and smooching within the first couple of days. On last night’s episode, Amanda caught a shark with her bare hands (or so the Survivor editors and producers would like us to believe), which impressed Ozzy, who clearly wants a chick he can climb trees and go deep sea fishing with. The thing is, going 30 days without brushing your teeth, washing your, uh, parts, and shaving your body hair does not make for sexy time in our book. But Ozzy is sort of like a live action Mowgli so maybe he doesn’t care about that. Anyway, we think they’re super cute and we don’t usually like “showmances”. [CBS: Survivor]