Just Plane Dumb

Sure, a lot of guys claim their ex-girlfriends are crazy, but in this case, the guy isn’t “ex”-aggerating. April Wormly, 36, was too much of a wuss to drop the breakup bomb on her boyfriend face-to-face (or even via Wikipedia). So when he headed to the airport in San Antonio to depart on a trip, Wormly called in not one, not two, but a whopping 36 fake terrorist threats on his flight. Needless to say, with understandably uptight Homeland Security officers searching babies and throwing out water bottles, they took the phone calls seriously and evacuated the 120 passengers on the Southwest flight. Wormly hoped that when her man found out she had made all the calls, he would do the dirty work and dump her. But in court this week, the real bomb got dropped on Wormly, who certainly was broken up when she was sentenced to two years in prison and a $19,761 fine for her idiotic scheme. [MSNBC via Fark]