He’s A Night Owl, You’re A Morning Lark

All of this talk of early risers and night owls has us wondering whether a morning person and a night person can make it as a couple. If one person needs to go to bed at 11 p.m. to function at work the next day, and the other can’t get anything done until 11 p.m., what does that mean for their relationship? A study published in Sleep and Biological Rhythms reported that women sleep less soundly when they’re next to a romantic partner. Men, on the other hand, sleep better next to a woman (so not fair — we love cuddling!). Some are resorting to sleeping in separate bedrooms. A 2007 survey by the National Association of Home Builders projected that by 2015, a typical upscale house will include two master suites. In our experience — let us know if yours varies — we seem to be morning people while our lovers, boyfriends, and husbands tend to stay up later. It hasn’t been that much of an issue thus far, and having slightly off-kilter schedules can even come in handy. Amelia is a morning person, so she tends to take model dog Lucca out before heading to work, while her fiancé is better at the night shift. [WSJ, HamptonRoads.com, and MSNBC]