Ye Olde Trim Spa

Anyone who has tried to eat at Medieval Times knows the food from the Dark Ages, much like the mores, is disgusting. As if the taste wasn’t enough of a deterrent, King Charles II, who liked his women heroin chic before heroin was even invented, used to feed his royal mistresses a special herb to suppress their appetite, as archaeologists recently discovered. During a dig at Soutra Aisle monastery near Edinburgh, Scotland, Dr. Brian Moffit, a medieval potion professional, found evidence of the 14th Century skinny secret. The powder made from the Heath Pea (lathyrus linifolius) plant was like ye olde Trim Spa. It promised to make whoever ingested it forget to eat for weeks, even months, and was useful during famines. The remedy ironically fell out of popularity when the potato became a widely planted crop. By the way, King Charles II is also famous for sleeping with a gaggle of dogs that are aptly named after him — the King Charles Cavalier. We’d rather stay fat and sleep with the much cuter puppies too. [The Sunday Mail]