Romance On TV: The Big Brother House Guests Split Up!

So they really threw the Big Brother house guests a curveball last night! A few days ago, Julie Chen, the show’s “host”, told the crew of couples that at some point an incredibly shrill alarm would sound, signaling that the house guests should gather in the living room for a very important announcement. After all, the Big Brother motto is “expect the unexpected” (and “don’t worry, I’m sure mom and dad aren’t watching the live feeds”). So last night, just after it was revealed that Alison and Ryan were the latest couple voted out of the house, that shrill bell did ring — whereupon Julie announced that they were now playing as individuals, giving the 9th season’s theme, “‘Till Death Do You Part” a whole new meaning. Because breaking up is like dying! Get it? Anyway, this is a welcome game play change for the viewers and the house guests, because, let’s face it, all of the couples so scientifically put together by the Big Brother matchmakers don’t really like each other (except my picks to go to the end, James and Chelsia) and the idea of sharing the big jackpot at the end must have been kind of a downer. [CBS: Big Brother]