Top Five Robo-Lovers

The Times U.K. just released its awesomely nerdy list of the “50 Best Movie Robots”. As we geeked out and combed through the nominations, we found our human senses drooling. Sure, a bunch of them are programmed to kill, but they’re still pretty damn sexy. Maybe it’s all the sculpted metal, maybe it’s because they have bodies that just won’t quit — or perhaps we just have that weak mortal need to reason. While your man may think he’s dragging you along to watch his fave sci-fi/action flicks, we know your secret — there’s always an eyeful for the ladies too. In homage to manly machines, after the jump are The Frisky’s “Top Five RWLH’s (Robots We’d Like to Hump)”.

5. The Terminator: We love to watch the former body-building California Govenator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, straddle motorcycles.

4. Optimus Prime from Transformers: He can do you in more positions than a hot Russian Gymnast.

3. Gigolo Joe from A.I.: Jude Law slicked up in a suit. Now that’s good in anyone’s future.

2. Ed 209 aka Robocop: Metal man + human mouth = the best of both worlds. We’d like to play good cop/bad cop with him!

1. Daft Punk from their epic music video/film Electroma: They want to be human, we want to strip to their sweet electronic beats.