The Daily Squeeze: The Best 13 Minutes Of Your Life, Astronauts, And Online Gender

  • The most desirable length of time for sex is between seven and 13 minutes, according to a random sample of Americans and Canadians. Anything less was “too short,” while anything more was “too long.” Interestingly enough, an NFL game’s half-time lasts 12 minutes. So, if you use seven minutes for sex, you’ll still have five to microwave cheese nachos. [The Australian]
  • Can astronauts make babies in space? Not yet. “The biggest problem is how to conceive, because liquid cannot be spilt under the condition of weightlessness,” a Russian sexologist said. “[Astronauts] can theoretically masturbate too. But they should not forget about condoms or other containers, otherwise drop of sperm will be flying chaotically in the cabin and they will have to collect it.” []
  • Women are more likely to switch their online gender than men, according to a study in Cyberpsychology and Behaviour. They mostly pretend to be men to avoid unwanted attention from actual men. [PC World]